Genetics Symposium Semester 1/2015


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Monday 15 December, 2015
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MC1. Miss Nicharee Jannual
2. Mr. Tulyawat Prasongmaneerat
9:00-9:30Science Ethic and Plagiarisms
Assoc. Prof. Arinthip Thamchaipinet
9:30-10:00Cloning of Rice Blast Resistance Gene from Thai Rice variety Jao Hom NinMr. Chaivarakun Chaipanya
10:00-10:30Pyrazoleamide compounds are potent antimalarials that target Na+ homeostasis in intraerythrocytic Plasmodium falciparumMr. Watcharakorn Mongkol

10:50-11:20Structural basis of pathogen recognition by an integrated HMA domain in a plant NLR immune receptorMiss Apinya Longya
11:20-11:50Genetic Diversity of Brazilian Aedes aegypti: Patterns following an Eradication Program.Mr. Thavin Bodharamik
11:50-13:00Lunch Break

MC1. Miss Prapatson Areesirisuk
2. Miss Nichapha Pengklai
13:00-13:30Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS): Concept and ApplicationsMr. Athipat Ngernmuen
13:30-14:00DNA barcoding of the good performance-selected hybrids derived from interspecific hybridization of plants in the genus JatrophaMiss Nutchanun Sakthanutpat
14:00-14:30Hydrogen peroxide production protects Chlamydomonas reinhardtii against light-induced cell death by preventing singlet oxygen accumulation through enhanced carotenoid synthesisMiss Pornpan Napaumpaiporn
14:50-15:20Development of microsatellite markers and DNA barcoding in waterlilies, Nymphaea, spp.Miss Chantana Khensri
15:20-15:50Genome-wide detection of DNA polymorphisms between two Korean japonica rice varietiesMiss Marnutsada Tenghoung
15:50-16:20Enzymatic anti-oxidant like activities of fractionated mucus proteins from earthworms Perionyx excavatus (Blue worm) and Eudrilus eugeniae (African Night Crawler)Mr. Kittidet Prem-u-domkit
Tuesday 15 December,2015
MC1. Miss Piriya Putanyawiwat
2. Mr. Panupong Tawichasri
9:00-9:30Understanding linkage homology and repetitive element to elucidate karyotype reorganization and sex chromosome evolution in vertebratesAsst.Prof. Kornsorn Srikulnat
9:30-10:00Genetic evaluation of parents and their good performance-selected hybrids from interspecific hybridization of plants in the genus Jatropha using the developed species specific DNA markersMiss Maythiya Changcharoen
10:00-10:30Identification of the Atlantic cod L-amino acid oxidase and its alterations following bacterial exposureMiss Wipawadee Suwannapan
10:50-11:20Sequence characteristics and phylogenetic implications of the nrDNA internal transcribed spacers (ITS) in the genus Nymphaea with focus on some Indian representativesMiss Boonyanee Sangsri
11:20-11:50Investigation of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate (ACC) deaminase from Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 10712 for increment of salt tolerant in rice plantsMr. Suranan Yoolong
11:50-13:00Lunch Break
MC1. Miss Chotiyapat Sanguansin
2. Mr. Kullapat Krabuansang
13:00-13:30The origins of Chinese domestic cattle as revealed by ancient DNA analysisMiss Sirianong Siripan
13:30-14:00Molecular characterization of DUF642 protein family functioning in cell walls in ArabidopsisMr. Wasawat Dumrongthawatchai
14:00-14:30Diversity of endophytic actinomycetes from halophytes in Bangkrachao areaMiss Supattra Thammasom

14:50-15:20Inhibition of Target of Rapamycin Signaling and Stress Activate Autophagy in Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiMiss Pawaree Thanapipatpong
15:20-15:50Genetic diversity and population structure of Varanus salvator macromaculatus in Bangkrachao Samut Prakan using mitochondrial DNA D-loop and SSR markerMr. Parinya Wongtienchai

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