Dr. Passorn Wonnapinij

  • Position: Lecturer
  • Office number:
  • Lab number:
  • E-mail: fscipswo@ku.ac.th
  • Contacts: (66)2-562-5444 # 4242
  • Work address: Department of Genetics, Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University, 50 Paholyotin Rd. Jatujak, Bangkok, 10900, Thailand
  • Education:
  • 1999-2003Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand (BS Biology)
    2003-2006Research Assistant, Mineralized Tissue Research Unit, Department of Anatomy and Oral Biology Research Center, Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
    2006--2010Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, (PhD Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology)

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      1. Wonnapinij P, Chinnery PF, Samuels DC (2008) The Distribution of Mitochondrial DNA Heteroplasmy Due to Random Genetic Drift, American Journal of Human Genetics 83: 582-593.
      2. Cree LM, Samuels DC, de Sousa-Lopes SC, Rajasimha HK, Wonnapinij P, Mann JR, Dahl HHM, Chinnery PF (2008) A reduction in the number of mitochondrial DNA molecules during embryogenesis explains the rapid segregation of genotypes, Nature Genetics 40 (2): 249-254.
      3. Wonnapinij P, Chinnery PF, Samuels DC. (2010) Previous estimates of mitochondrial DNA mutation level variance did not account for sampling error: comparing the mtDNA genetic bottleneck in mice and humans. Am J Hum Genet. 86(4):540-50.
      4. Samuels DC, Wonnapinij P, Cree LM, Chinnery PF. (2010) Reassessing evidence for a postnatal mitochondrial genetic bottleneck. Nat Genet. 42(6):471-2

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