Dr. Anchanee Sangcharoen

  • Position: Lecturer/Researcher
  • Office number:
  • Lab number:
  • E-mail: fsciacs@ku.ac.th
  • Contacts: 66 2 552 5444 ext. 4238
  • Education:
  • 2009 Ph.D. (Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering), Mahidol University, Thailand
    2003 M.Sc. (Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering), Mahidol University, Thailand
    2001 B.Sc. (General Science), First Class Honours, Kasetsart University, Thailand

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      I am working on the protein structures and functions. There are two main active projects which are the research on antimicrobial peptide from Lactobacillus sp. and thermostable lipolytic enzymes. The antimicrobial peptide, bacteriocin, is the potential bio-antibiotics that could be lethal against many harmful bacteria. The aims of this project are to clone and characterize the function of the bacteriocin, also, to elucidate its structure and enhance its activity. Another project is in thermostable lipolytic enzymes which were found and cloned from thermophile metagenomic library (Tirawongsaroj et al, 2008). Since the advantage of these enzymes are thermostable, I would like to investigate the functions of these enzymes and try to improve them as good as, or even better than the commercial ones.


  • Preproposal Research Fund, Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University
  • Research Fund, Kasetsart University for Research and Development Institute
    • Courses taught

    • Laboratory of genetics
    • Genetic engineering
    • Human genetics
    • Molecular genetics
    • Analysis of gene function and expression
    • Intensive genetics
    • Sangcharoen A, Tepanant W, Kidsanguan S, Promdonkoy B, Krittanai C. Investigation of the unfolding pathway of Bacillus thuringiensis Cyt2Aa2 toxin reveals an unfolding intermediate. Journal of Biotechnology. 2009;(141):137-141.

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