Dr. Akarapong Swatdipong

  • Position: Lecturer/researcher
  • Office number:
  • Lab number:
  • E-mail: akarapong.s@ku.ac.th
  • Contacts: 02-562-5444 ext. 4212
  • Education:
  • B.Sc. (Fisheries), Kasetsart University, Thailand
    M.S. (Genetics), Kasetsart University, Thailand
    Ph.D. (Genetics), University of Turku, Finland

    Research interestsGrantsAdditional informationPublication
  • Population genetics and conservation management in aquatic species


  • Mitochondrial Analysis and DNA Markers for Species and Lineage Identification on the Mahachai Fighting Fish for Commercial Aquaculture and Conservation Purposes (NRCT, TTSF)
  • Molecular Genetic Identification of Wild Caught Blue Swimming Crab Originated from the Community-Based Management Program (NRCT)
  • Awards

      Courses taught

      • Principle of Genetics
      • Laboratory in Genetics
      • Intensive Genetics
      • Population and Quantitative Genetics
      • Conservation Genetics
      Swatdipong A., A Vasemägi, T. Niva, M-L. Koljonen and C R Primmer. 2010. High level of population genetic structuring in lake-run brown trout, Salmo trutta L., of the Inari basin, northern Finland. Journal of Fish Biology. 77: 2048-2071.
      Swatdipong, A., C. R. Primmer and A. Vasemägi. 2010. Historical and recent genetic bottlenecks in European grayling Thymallus thymallus. Conservation Genetics. 11: 279-292.
      Swatdipong, A., A. Vasemägi, M. Koskinen, J. Piironen and C. Primmer. 2009. Unanticipated population structure of European grayling in its northern distribution: implications for conservation prioritization. Frontiers in Zoology. 6:6.

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