Dr. Chatuporn Kuleung

  • Position: Lecturer
  • Office number:
  • Lab number:
  • E-mail: fscictp@ku.ac.th
  • Contacts: 66-2562-5555 ext. 4213
  • Education:
  • B. Sc.
    (Public Health)
    Khon Kaen University1992
    M. Sc.
    Kasetsart University1997
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA2005

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  • Keywords: genetic diversity, marker development, forage
  • My work emphasizes on genetic diversity and improvement of forage crops. My projects focus on using molecular tools to assess genetic variation of Houttuynia and alyce clover and developing DNA-based markers linked to smut resistance in guinea grass.

      Kasetsart university research and development institute National research council of Thailand

    Courses taught

    • 01416311 Principle of Genetics
    • 01416312 Laboratory of Genetics
    • 01416421 Human Genetics
    • 01416453 Introductory Molecular Genetics
    • 01416511 Intensive Genetics
    • 01416557 Plant Molecular Genetics
    • 01416571 Population and Quantitative Genetics
    • 01416596 Selected Topics in Genetics (DNA Markers and Applications)
    • 01406681 Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology
    Kuleung, C., P. S. Baenziger and I. Dweikat. (2004) Transferability of SSR
    markers among wheat, rye, and triticale. Theoretical and Applied
    Genetics 108:1147-1150.
    Kuleung, C., P. S. Baenziger, S. D. Kachman and I. Dweikat. (2006) Evaluating
    the genetic diversity of triticale with wheat and rye SSR markers. Crop
    Science 46: 1692-1700.

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